Many of us spend a lot of time at home, and we like to make the most of the space we have. You’ve probably decorated the interior of your house to make it comfortable and welcoming for your whole family. But what about the outside?

Structures like decks, gazebos, and benches add a special something to the outdoor space. They define different sections of your yard, provide protection from the elements, and offer a way to expand your family’s living space outside your home. There are quite a few different outdoor structures you can add to your home, depending on how you want to use your outdoor space.

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One of the most recognizable outdoor structures, decks are a great way to extend the living area of your home outside. Decks typically consist of a raised platform that’s connected to a building. They’re a great place to set up outdoor seating, tables and chairs, and/or a grill. Depending on the deck design, you may want to include stairs and railings as well.

Enclosed Patio

You’ll typically find patios in the backyard. You can make them from concrete, paving stones, tile, gravel, or similar materials. Once you have a patio, you can make the space more versatile by enclosing it. A roof will keep off the rain, and if you want to add walls as well you can turn patios into year-round structures. Typically walls consist of window screens to keep bugs out and/or glass panes that turn the patio into a type of sunroom.


Gazebos are another recognizable outdoor structure. They’re octagon-shaped buildings with a solid roof and open sides. Many will have railings along at least part of the sides. They add a major visual impact to the outdoor space and provide great gathering places. Gazebos are traditionally used in English- or French-style gardens, but we can modify the design to fit your personal style preferences.


Pergolas originated in ancient Greece as a structure used to define outdoor space. They have open rafters across the top which are supported by four columns connected by beams. These structures are great for creating outdoor rooms. They provide a perfect place to set up outdoor seating and dining areas. You can choose to add a retractable canopy, hang curtains from the side, and/or install lights to complete the effect of creating an outdoor room.

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People often confuse trellises with pergolas but there are some major differences. The open framework that is part of a trellis is a much tighter weave than the rafters that create a pergola. One of the most common uses for trellises is to provide support for climbing plants. You can use a trellis vertically (like a wall in the garden) or horizontally (like a canopy that provides shade).


Arbors are similar to pergolas and trellises, but much smaller. People often use them to support climbing plants. They can also act as a focal point in the garden. You might place one over a bench to provide some shade, or use an arbor to define the entrance to a garden or the start of a path.


Quality seating is one of the things that makes your other outdoor structures more enjoyable. From benches to couches to picnic tables to supports for hammocks, outdoor seating makes your yard more comfortable for you, your family, and your guests.


We can build these types of structures for you, providing quality construction. When you hire us, we guarantee that your outdoor structures will be done right and finished out perfectly. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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